Alkalive Proudly Sponsored Qatar Cup 2024 in Partnership with Qatar Stars League

We are pleased to announce that Alkalive, the first producer of alkaline water in Qatar, had the honor of sponsoring the Qatar Cup 2024. This sponsorship underscores our enduring partnership with the Qatar Stars League (QSL) and highlights our shared commitment to promoting health and wellness through sports.

As pioneers in the hydration industry in Qatar, Alkalive was selected by the QSL as a partner from the inception of this event, recognizing our dedication to providing health-enhancing hydration solutions.

We invite you to watch the highlights and capture the excitement of the final match in our video reel, which showcases the thrilling moments of the tournament.

We extend our gratitude to the athletes, organizers, and all participants who contributed to the success of this year’s Qatar Cup. Your efforts have made the event truly memorable.

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